Hi! I’m Margot Amouyal, a high schooler living in the Boston area with a passion for Neuroscience.

It all started when I was born. I am an identical twin. My twin and I started out truly epitomizing what an identical twin was like: we had our own language, looked liked clones, and held hands wherever we walked. As we got older, our personalities began to change. I always loved science while my twin could be found paintbrush in hand. Soon after, we began looking differently. Now, we look so different people believe we are siblings! This made me wonder, how is that my twin and I have the same genes but have vastly different personalities? Neuroscience was my answer and it sparked my curiosity. I am still fascinated by personality and emotions. 

I spent the summer of 2017 delving into the wonders of behavioral neuroscience and learned about how our behavior is shaped by our brain in a 3-week long course.

During that course, it was the first time I saw a human brain and wore a real lab coat.  I felt like a real scientist! I remember the first brain I saw, it was discolored with poignant black spots, signaling the patient suffered from cancer. I looked at the next brain on the shelf, it also had dark black marks. I was the Harvey Cushing Center Brain Tumor Registry, a collection of brains with tumors. I examined each of the brains, locating the tumor, and asking myself about the symptoms associated with the particular tumor. It was amazing!

I could not wait to explore the brain even further and immediately created an independent study focusing on Neuroscience. This has given me the tools to create a blog that you are reading now, The Neuro Bureau! The content ranges from reviewing books and articles, breaking news, and podcasts. Through this, I have been able to connect with a larger scientific community that shares a similar interest to my own.

Neuroscience is a burgeoning field, with so much potential. With the development of new tools coupled with an increased public interest, the world finally has the means to delve into the brain’s mysteries. I feel so fortunate to be studying neuroscience at this time in history, a time where so much knowledge is waiting to be discovered.

I hope you enjoy and learn about why you are who you are.


Margot Amouyal