A Reflection on An Indepdent Study

Passion. This word is defined as a “strong and barely controllable emotion” by Google.

This past year, I learned that I had a passion for neuroscience.

This very blog you are ready now I would consider a “passion project” was actually a by-product of an independent study I created.

For some more context, this past winter I created my own class at school to learn more the wonders of neuroscience. An independent study simply refers to building your own class if it is not offered at your school. The class was facilitated by the biology teacher at my high school.

If you read my about section, you know that I discovered my love for neuroscience after taking a 3-week long intensive course over the summer. I was always fasinated as an identical twin why we were so different despite having the same genes. Neuroscience was and continues to be my answer.

The purpose of this post is to reflect upon the independent study I just completed and discuss the future of this blog.

If you are curious to learn more about a subject, I highly recommend creating an independent study if the program is offered at your school. This program allowed me to explore a subject that I would otherwise not be able to. Needless to say, I am very grateful!

When I first embarked on my independent study journey, I was not sure what to do. I knew I had interest and that was it. I have always loved reading books, so that is an option. But, I needed something on paper, something physical, a real representation of my learning beyond books. Ultimately, this blog was the solution to this dilemma.

I decided to create a blog for a variety of reasons. For one, since I was little I loved exploring different forms of media and journalism. When I was in Middle School, along with my twin, we created a blog where we would review young adult books. Reading the articles now, they were very embarrassing and grammatically incorrect yet we had a lot of fun! Since then, I was fasinated by the way we share and spread the news. In the digital era, we have access to so much information at our fingertips. Now, the news is spreading fastest than ever. For example, if there is a crisis across the country, we know 5 minutes later. I have always loved the idea of sharing reputable information with my community in a fast manner.

Additionally, this past year, an article that I wrote for my school newspaper was declined for being “too controversial.” This really infuriated me. I felt my school had the write (punny) to know about the hazing occurring on the Baseball team. For more context, the Freshmen on the baseball team were all forced to wear Trump hats and gear. I thought this was a form of bullying and wanted to expose the team. After months of investigation, I was able to accumulate many anonymous quotes from Freshmen who described how ashamed they felt wearing the gear around our very liberal school. Since the article clearly exposed my anti-Trump political views, the newspaper thought it was too controversial. Since then, I have felt a responsibility to share the news with my community. We have the right to know what is occurring in our schools and communities.

Those are the two reasons I created the Neuro Bureau. While I am not “exposing” any information on this blog, I am still using my voice to share the news with others.

When planning my independent study, I decided to post 3 times a week. At first, this seemed like a reasonable amount. Yet, with homework piling on, sports, and sleep, I realized how ambitious this number of posts per week truly was. Despite struggling some weeks to put out content, I ended up publishing 3 times a week every week for over 2 months. I think commitment is a skill that I really learned during this independent study. If I committed post 3 times a week, I was posting 3 times a week even if I was super busy.

In the future, I am still going to publish articles every week but maybe not 3 times. That is not to be said that I won’t post 3 times a week, I still will if I feel the need. For example, this week is sports week and I wrote 3 posts this week because my schedule accommodated it. At the very least, I will ensure I post once a week because I do really enjoy learning and writing articles. I also would really like to gain a stronger following on the blog and that can only be done through writing articles! :).

Going forward, I definitely not done learning about neuroscience. If anything, I have only scratched the surface of all their is to learn. I am really looking forward to exploring science subject further. For one, I am working in a neuroscience lab over the summer helping out with research. Additionally, my school is now offering a Neuroscience class for Juniors which I am beyond thrilled to take!!! Lastly, I am working towards writing an article for the High School Journal of Science about bilingualism that I would LOVE to be published. All of these actions are going to broaden my learning of neuroscience and help me gain a deeper understanding.

In the end, I would like to thank my wonderful school for making this independent study possible. I would also like to thank my faculty advisor (if he is reading this article) for meeting with me every week to discuss neuroscience and my recent blog posts. I really enjoyed our weekly discussions. It was so fun to talk about this passion with someone and hear multiple perspectives.

In conclusion, I feel that through this blog I have been able to connect with a broader neuroscience community and follow my passion. I have learned so much! What I loved about creating this blog was it never felt like “work.” I can say completely and truthfully that I really enjoyed every moment of creating this blog and independent study.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered my passion at such a young age. This simply means I will have more years of my life to explore this endless field.

In conclusion, thank YOU for reading this blog. Every time I get a like or comment, it makes me bubble with excitement. Through this blog, I am accomplishing my goal of sharing information with the world while learning more about neuroscience. That is amazing.




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