⚽ Neuro Bureau Sports Week! ⚽

In light of the recent Olympics, I thought it would be fitting to create a Neuro Bureau sports week!

You may be wondering, science and sports how do those relate?

Well, in a way they do! See for yourself, next week’s posts will include:

#1: The Mental Strength of a Professional Athlete. 

This article will include why athletes who perform perfectly in practice crack under pressure, how professional athletes keep their mental game strong, and how you can too.

#2: Exercise Impact on Brain Health

We all know it is important to get active and moving but… why? Post #2 will discuss the benefits of exercising for our health and happiness.

#3: Why We Cheer For OUR Sports Team

The week will conclude by discussing why we are hooked on professional sports and build bonds with our home team.

Stay tuned all of next week and I hope you enjoy.

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