Super Bowl Commericals – Why You Love Them

Eagles and Patriots fans only have one trait in common – they both love the commercials.

We all have that friend is who is like, “I just watch the Superbowl for the commercials…”

Geico, Tide, and zip-recruiter – all of these names I would know without marketing.

First, it’s important to remember why companies will drop 5.5 million bucks for 30 seconds on the screen…

Well, the Superbowl is one of the most watched TV programs in America alone, topping at around 113.3 million viewers per game! That ranks up to around 35% of the WHOLE country watching some people pass a football down a field!

What these statistics mean is the super bowl is a golden opportunity for advertisers to broadcast their product to a GINORMOUS amount of people!

Think of ALL the people watching the commercials and big game!

So, what exactly is the neuroscience behind why ads are so efficient?

Nilsen is one of the largest consumer neuroscience companies globally. Generally, they employ tactics of facial recognization to understanding consumers reactions.


Nilsen is a branch of Innerscope research


Annually, Nilsen conducts research on Superbowl advertisements. The company uses a belt to measure human heart rate and breathing while taping electrodes to their fingers to track galvanic skin response and heightened emotions. The faster the individual’s heart rate, breathing, and skin response, the more likely they are to remember an ad.


Measuring heart rate


A study published by Nilsen found that what attracts consumers the most is the music! They found viewers who became un-engaged in the advertisement still stayed in tune with the background music! This study, therefore, confirmed that using sirens or loud noises while simultaneously showing your brand name may be the best way to be memorable in the viewer’s eyes.

A third study published by Nilsen found that found the best advertisement is not due to the ad itself, but how your team is doing in the football game. When your team scores that winning touchdown, your engagement in an ad actually increases a phenomenal amount! So, the likelihood you will like an ad may just be out of the advertiser’s control and in the quarterbacks!


The best ad is VICTORY!


Lastly, ever wondered why animals are included in SO many ads?

Last night during the Superbowl, I remember almost breaking down into tears during a Santander bank ad. A grieving family lost their helpless pig! Ultimately, a banker saved the pig and brought to their home. Horray!

Scientists realize that people are attracted to kid and infant-looking creatures, like animals because evolutionary it benefited us to like creatures with big heads and expressive eyes, they were generally friendlier.

Secondly, animals are symbols or personality characteristics. For example, a dog resembles loyalty and trust. So, a medicine ad or bank may use a dog to evoke feelings of fidelity. On the other hand, a lion is fierce, fast, and efficient. That means that a sneaker company or a candy bar ad may use a lion.

Lastly, studies show that humans remember happy advertisements more than shocking or scary ones. Often, animals ads are happy and cute which in turns makes us happier and want to buy the product.


Look at the cute dog… now buy my product!


Regardless, if you like the commercials, Justin Timberlake’s halftime dancing, or are a pure football fan, we all have one thing in common – we all secretly love the ads.

Well, if you were wondering what team I rooted for… I am a Pats fan! Luckily, I live in Patriots territory otherwise that would be a lethal statement…







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