Introducing Neuro Bureau Fashion Week – How the Brain Interperts Art

New York has it – Milan has it – London, Paris, and Dubai too –  the eminent fashion week.

Models dazzle catwalks in gorgeous long gowns, celebrities in fashionable clothing line the audience, and young designers dream of one day having a chance to show off their designs.

If all these major cities can pull off fashion week, why can’t the internet?

Good question! Of course, the internet can pull of fashion week!

Yes! Introducing… The Neuro Bureau fashion week.

As you call tell (hopefully) this is not a fashion blog. Therefore, this fashion week will be devoted to art in the BRAIN!

Stay tuned for posts like…

  1. Why We Like Art in the First Place
  2. How Shopping Toys With Your Brain

A huge shout out to my twin who inspired this post. She is the artist of the family, hibernating in her sewing quarters all day long, only to escape at night to detail us about her new designs. She was bored by all my other posts so I am created something I hope will interest her, fashion (with a personal twist.)

Thanks, Ella!

Well, Neuro Fashion Week starts Monday so start your countdowns…



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