Introducing The Neuro Bureau Twins Studies!

The Neuro Bureau has long been a website dedicated to documenting advancements made in the field of neuro and cognitive sciences. Yet, the tables are now going to turn and we actually going to produce our very own study!

Identical twins have long been of interest to the Neuroscience field as they have same genes. Comparing twins is a simple way to see how genes factor into personality versus environments.

I am an identical twin myself and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity by producing my twin study very own that examines exactly that: nature vs. nurture in twins.

For background, I always thought my twin and I were drastically different. Yet, when I introduce my twin to people who have never met her before, they always say we have the same mannerisms. That always fascinated me, are these similar mannerisms because of our genetic code? Or, are they from being nurtured in the same family?

Many times I will talk with my twin and we are thinking about the exact same thing… at the same time. Once again, is that because we are twins, an odd coincidence, or our family values?

In order to answer these questions, I recruited 2 sets of twins. Myself and a set of male fraternal twins who I go to high school with. In addition, my older sisters will be participating in this study as a point of comparison for my twin and me’s results to see how family values may affect personality.

Before completing this study, I do want to recognize a few important points. For one, this is an extremely small study with only 6 participants.  It is not connected to a lab in any way and participants will answer questions on a Google Doc. That being said, the goal of this study is not to produce breakthrough scientific research but to dip our toes into the world of scientific studies. The results will be compared to real twin studies that were conducted to see how our results differ. Are we outliers or do our results match previous scientific findings?

You may always be wondering, if I am conducting the study and am participating in it, will the results be biased? No. I am not hoping for a certain outcome of these studies and therefore have no motivation to influence the outcome. Once again, this project is to gain experience in scientific studies.

This study will be one mega post and will be completed within the next month. I am really looking forward to conducting this study and I hope you can join me on my journey.

Thank you.


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