Is UnRipe Fruit As Nutritious?

Yum! Fruit. Sometimes I really want to eat a banana yet the ones sitting in my kitchen is all green or dark and brown. Every time I peel open a bright green banana and bite in, it lacks the sweetness that a ripe banana has. Why?

For one, as the fruit ripens, it increases in sugar. No wonder that banana recipe I love always calls for super ripe bananas. This also means there are more calories due to the increase in sugar, naturally.

In addition, fruit, in specific bananas and mangos are a hub of resistant starch, a type of starch that cannot be digested by the majority of humans. Therefore, we do no get any nutrition from resistant starch however it does provide beneficial bacteria for the gut. As the fruit ripens, this un-digestible resistant starch transitions to sugar.

The big question, what about the treasured vitamins and minerals, are they comprised of un-ripe fruit? Don’t worry, they stay fairly steady as the fruit ripens, so your green banana is also healthy.

Most importantly, taste increases with fruit. So your ripe banana will be more enjoyable and studies are being released that if you enjoy a meal you are actually more likely to absorb the nutrients.

So, eat your banana and enjoy it too whether it is ripe or not.


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