Hidden Brain – Find Hidden Stories

For the past week, I have been binge listening to Hidden Brain, a phenomenal NPR podcast series that looks into why we act the way we do. This series is able to connect to viewers without a scientific background as the stories are well explained and insightful. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who loves to learn, regardless of if they love science or not.

Hidden Brain logo

Below, is a list of my personal favorite Hidden Brain episodes. That being said every single episode is interesting, these are just my personal favorites. They are in no particular order. Feel free to listen to the podcast yourself (which I highly recommend) here.

  1. “Money Talks”. This episode describes why we spend our money the way we do, whether it be for necessities, a political cause, or for social status. In particular, it elaborated on how social status is changing. It is “cooler” now to be really busy whereas before having a lot of free time was superior. Tune in to hear about this societal change here.
  2. “Eyes Wide Open” Part 1 and 2. Sleep we know it, we love it, we want more of it. What happens if you do not sleep? Randy Gardener did so for 11 days and shares his disturbing narrative here.
  3. “Is He Muslim?” This episode delves into terrorism and why we are so afraid of it – despite the fact occurrences are extremely rare.
  4. “Liar, liar.” The difference between you and pathological liar? Nothing just simply who had a better opportunity. Listen here.
  5. “Just Sex”. Rape culture is not a new phenomenon but rather one that has come into the limelight in recent months. This episode discusses why rape culture exists and the ways in which is it changing with social media and FOMO. Listen here.

Overall, Hidden Brain is extremely well produced and interesting. Honestly, my dream job would be working for Hidden Brain and being able to hear all the amazing speakers. What a life! Any NPR employees reading this, you know where to find me! In the contact section of this blog.




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