Inroducing… Blogmas!

Ever wondered how your brain is affected by the holidays?

Look no further, the Neuro Bureau is introducing Blogmas, a 3 celebration with nonstop holiday-themed posts!

We will kick of Blogmass on Christmas Day and end that Friday night.

Here is a sneak peek at the exciting and interested festive posts ahead:

Monday (25th): Your Bain During the Holidays. How do “warm and fuzzy” holiday photos effect YOU and YOUR brain?

Wednesday (27th): Peppermint… Sugar or Brain Food? The beloved holiday candy, peppermint sticks are everywhere. Yet, can this sugary treat actually be could for your brain? The answer is yes! Stay tuned to find out why!

Friday (29th): The Neuroscience Behind Why You Hate Holiday Music. Finally, a valid excuse backed by science as to why you find those holiday tunes so annoying and stressful.

Stay tuned!

With cheer,

Margot A.




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